The Legal and Tax journal for business owners and managers has been around since 2004.

It published Articles on the following topics:

  • Optimization of business processes
  • Tax control
  • Effective work with personnel and debtors
  • The main field of activity is project consulting, as well as tax and legal audit of business.
  • Has huge experience in tax planning and corporate administration of foreign companies.

The publication is presented for all business owners and managers of financial departments in order to propose new ways to organize various processes that lead to more productive work and successful development.

Aimed at all business owners and managers of financial entities it offers new ways for organization of various processes, leading to more productive work and more successful development.

This quarterly journal has gained popularity and a large regular readership because of the relevance of the actual subjects studied by Korpus Prava and of the proposals for action based solely on the company’s experience.

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Founder and Publisher



Editor in Chief

Artem Paleev

Managing Partner,

Korpus Prava

Editorial Council

Igor Matskevich

Senior Editor,

Professor of the Department of Criminology and Penitentiary Law, Kutafin O.  E. University (МГЮА), PhD at Laws

Itzik Amiel


Evgeniy Dridze

Department of Foreign Economic

and International Relations, the city of Moscow, Head of Foreign Economic Activity

Konstantin Rizhkov

The Russian Direct Investment Fund,


Maxim Bunyakin

Branan Legal, Managing Director,


Dmitriy Tizengolt

Bank Avangard,

Head of Legal Department

Konstantin Rizhkovv

The Russian Direct Investment Fund,


Maxim Bunyakin

Branan Legal,

Managing Director,


Dmitriy Tizengolt

Bank Avangard,

Head of Legal Department

Marketing and Advertisment

Senior Editor,

Julia Lubimova

Marketing Director,

Korpus Prava

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E-mail: lubimova@korpusprava.com

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Korobeynikov per., bld. 22, str. 3, 119034, Moscow, Russia

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“Korpus Prava.Analytics” magazine 4 issues are published per year.

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