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September 11, 2021

JURIST EXCLUSIVE – Law students and lawyers in Afghanistan are filing reports with JURIST on the situation there after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban. Here, a female law graduate in Kabul offers her observations and perspective. For privacy and security reasons we are withholding her name and institutional affiliation. The text has been only lightly edited to respect the author’s voice.

The overthrow of the government of Afghanistan by the Taliban has brought enormous changes and instabilities, briefly categorized below:


As soon as the American troops left Afghanistan, the president fled abroad and the Taliban insurgents took power. On the day they entered the capital of the country the administration collapsed and all banks and offices (both governmental and private) were closed and fear covered the city. Flights out were cancelled, no body was able to go outside of the country even those who had visas and tickets on top of the numerous people who were ready to sacrifice everything to get out of the country.

Because of having no experts and scholarly people , the Taliban couldn’t make their cabinet fast. Finally after a month they announced it, but it was not acceptable for the nation  because none of its members is eligible for his position and no women are included. Moreover, ethnic racism is just roaring – 91.1% of the cabinet ministers are Pastuns. As they have no knowledge of management and administration the cabinet are facing enormous difficulties and problems. Most countries over the globe are not willing to accept the Taliban administration except those countries they had already helped them to take over the country, like Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran…

Taliban have no respect and good reputation among the people. Most of the people don’t want them to make up the government.  In Panjshir province a National Resistance Front against the Taliban has been formed by Ahmad Massoud, the only son of the national hero of the country. The front is getting large and widened day by day and they have started the conflict but they need to be helped by the United States and Europe and other countries in order to defeat the Taliban and combat for humanity and equality.


Terrible changes and disasters have come upon society. The Taliban prevent girls from going to schools and offices and to have their rights. They even oblige girls and women to wear burqas. They say they have no right to come out of their homes; they treat women wildly and disrespectfully.

Men and women through the country are just exhausted and have been demonstrating but unfortunately during the protesting multiple people were killed by the Taliban.
The Taliban are trying to stop the demonstrations by violence. Still, brave and courageous woman are continuing to raise their voices for the world.

The Taliban have made much waste and loss for the country. For example,

  • Taliban closed and stopped 200 hospitals and health program offices which they were under the control of foreign countries.
  • the night which they were about to announce their administration ,18 people were killed by Taliban militants while the militants were celebrating firing off guns
  • in a debate, a man defended democracy and blamed the Taliban for destroying iy but after a day Taliban arrested him and sent him to unknown place.
  • no woman and girl can go to the office for her job.
  • they have destroyed the electricity and networking in Panjshir province where the National Resistance Front is in conflict with them.
  • even the people of this province have no availability for food and other supplies. If the Taliban don’t allow them to have food and supplies a dreadful disaster will happen.
  • the Taliban have arrested hundreds of people of Panjshir and sent them to unknown place, and they have started genocide in Panjshir province. They have killed 400 people including men, women and children.
  • they have tortured two reporters badly.


The country is facing a critical situation economically. The former government was extremely corrupt and all the world knew about it; the former president Mr Ghani stole $169 million and escaped abroad.

Since the Taliban have taken power, the borders have been closed and there are neither imports nor exports. Shops and markets remain closed as well as banks; no one is able  to withdraw his/her money. More than 2 million workers have lost their jobs.

Poverty is coming to everyone. No investment is coming in. All of the NGOs and organizations have left the country. The cost of goods and food is escalating.

Although the Taliban are insisting that some workers get back to their office, the workers have no trust and faith in Taliban because the people experienced Taliban administration 20 years ago. It is clear from that for everyone that the Taliban are not honest about what they say and recommend.

Judiciary and Courts

After the fall of the capital of the country to the Taliban, all of the lawyers, judges and the personnel of judiciary system left their jobs and went into hiding so as the Taliban would not arrest them.

Meanwhile the Taliban convict the people without any explanation or even judgment. Because they haven’t announced their final cabinet, they do the drumhead court (traditional judgement). For example, several days ago the Talibans arrested two thieves in Kabul. They had their blackened in front of the crowd and led them through the city. This action of the Taliban shows that they have no respect for human dignity and human values.

Generally the judiciary system has been paralyzed. There is no activity in related organs. Everything is stopped.


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