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Svetlana Sviridenkova


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Our Audit Requires Changes

Over the years, legislators have been struggling for the quality of the audit. One of the stages of this struggle was the draft law with amendments to Federal Law No. 307-фз dated 30.12.2008 “On Auditing Activities” submitted for consideration to [...]

Every Barber Knows That

Federal Law No. 231-FZ dated 29 July 2018 (the Law) amending Part One of the Tax Code will come into force on 1 January 2019. According to this Law, the tax authorities will have the opportunity to obtain information about taxpayers from audit organizations and individual auditors (auditors).

The Yellow Hound Brought Something Round!

The New Year brought numerous changes, particularly in taxation. Changes were introduced to various chapters of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, i. e. Corporate Profit Tax, Personal Income Tax, Simplified Tax System, Insurance Premium, Property Tax and many others. This article will cover those amendments that apply [...]

What Worries the Accountants More This Fall?

Last summer brought a lot of questions on planned legal developments and taxpayer's actions in disputable situations.