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Amnesty 3-0: Who Is Winning?

The third stage of capital amnesty starts in Russia. To be precise, this is not even the third stage, but the fourth, since the first amnesty, announced in 2015, was extended for six months from the initially declared period.

Amendments to the Russian Law on Individuals

The past year brought to the citizens of the Russian Federation, who have the legal right of permanent residence outside the Russian Federation, the obligation to notify the authorities of the federal migration service of the existence of this right.

Inheritance Fund: Innovation in the Civil Law

In 2018, amendments to the Civil Code regulating the institute of inheritance funds entered into force. Thus, our legislator is trying to adapt the Russian law to the requirements and demands of the modern world.

“Deposit Splitting” of Individuals. Legal Civil and Criminal Aspects

In accordance with the Federal Law “On Insurance of Household Deposits in Banks of the Russian Federation” the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), in the case of revocation (cancellation) of the banking license of a bank, pays insurance indemnity to individual depositors from the compulsory deposit insurance fund.