#1. Amendments in Legislation Enforced in 2021

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The winter issue is traditionally dedicated to the main changes in the legislation that will be relevant this year.

In 2020, lawmakers developed new conditions for taxation of personal income. The first one is the introduction of the tax on interest on deposits with Russian banks. For more information on the procedure for determining the tax base for bank deposits read the article by Tatyana Frolova, senior lawyer at Korpus Prava Private Wealth.

Another topic discussed in 2020 was the revision of Double Taxation Conventions (DTCs) concluded by the Russian Federation with Cyprus, Malta, and Luxembourg. Senior associate Anna Senchenko wrote about the consequences following the amendment or termination of the DTCs.

Last year, significant changes were made in the field of currency regulation and currency control, namely the rules on liability for non-repatriation of foreign currency earnings were changed, and liability for violation of deadlines for submitting accounting and reporting forms for currency transactions was mitigated. Junior lawyer Ekaterina Sechkareva covered changes to the currency legislation in her article.

Innovations also affected the audit practice, the threshold of income and the amount of assets, subjecting the company to mandatory audit, has been increased for small businesses. In the article by the director of the Korpus Prava audit practice, you will find detailed information about the conditions for applying these changes.

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Artem Paleev
Managing Partner
Korpus Prava

Svetlana Sviridenkova


Audit Practice

Korpus Prava (Russia)

According to the established tradition, at the beginning of the year, we will cover the main changes in the principles of accounting and accounting reporting.

Anna Senchenko, LL. M.

Leading Lawyer

Tax and Legal Practice

Korpus Prava (Russia)

Over the past two years, a lot of changes were made both to the legislation of jurisdictions popular for incorporation of foreign companies, and at the level of double taxation conventions.

Roman Moskovskikh


Tax and Legal Practice

Korpus Prava (Russia)

The Supreme Court prepared a regular practice review of the presidium and panels, and provided an explanation for sales of real estate in bankruptcy proceedings.

Ekaterina Sechkareva

Junior Lawyer

Tax and Legal Practice

Korpus Prava (Russia)

In 2020, significant changes were made to currency regulation and currency control, as well as to liability for violations of the established procedure in this area.

Irina Otrokhova

Chief Compliance Officer

Corporate Services

Korpus Prava (Cyprus)

The Directive implements 22 predicate offences for money laundering which must be uniform in all Member States.

Tatiana Frolova

Leading Lawyer

Korpus Prava Private Wealth

In 2020, changes made to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation affected mainly individuals with income above the national average.