#2. Amnesty 3.0: The Last Chance

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We are glad to welcome you in the pages of our spring edition of “Korpus Prava.Analytics”.

The latest issue includes articles on various topics, including urgent matters of calculating CFC profits, definition of the international commercial arbitration and its essence; it also covers complex matters of tax and accounting legislation.

The practice in the field of controlled foreign companies in Russia has just emerged; therefore, the law on CFC is constantly amended and improved. Answers to the most frequently asked questions of taxpayers — controlled entities upon calculating the profit of a foreign company may be found in the article by the Director of IFRS Practice Julia Vints.

The article written by our lawyer Roman Moskovskikh covers expansion of powers granted to notaries, as well as peculiarities of notarial support for real estate transactions both in Russia and abroad.

Moreover, the latest issue will tell you about the most popular method of resolving cross-border commercial disputes — International Commercial Arbitration (ICA). You will learn about its existing types and most renowned institutions.

In June 2015, EU Directive 2015/849 “On the Prevention of the Use of the Financial System for the Purposes of Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing” became effective. This Directive focuses on a risk evaluation approach as part of AML/CTF system of the European Union. This approach is described in more details in the article by the Chief Compliance Officer Irina Otrokhova.

We hope that materials in this issue will be useful to you and your business. We look forward to your recommendations and questions, and we will do our best to cover them in our next edition or news article on our website or Facebook page.

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Artem Paleev
Managing Partner
Korpus Prava

Svetlana Sviridenkova


Audit Practice

Korpus Prava (Russia)

Often we do not fully understand the whole complexity of tax and accounting legislation until we face it in practice. One of such examples is the creation of reserves for vacation pay for tax purposes.

Anna Senchenko, LL. M.

Leading Lawyer

Tax and Legal Practice

Korpus Prava (Russia)

The tax control bodies acquire more and more tools to identify and control creative taxpayers. For example, one of the most effective tools is the international automatic exchange of tax information.

Julia Vints


IFRS Practice

Korpus Prava

This article describes some of the most frequent and pressing issues raised by a taxpaying controlling person, when calculating the profits of a controlled foreign company.

Roman Moskovskikh


Tax and Legal Practice

Korpus Prava (Russia)

In modern Russian reality, the notary personifies the link between the economic entity and the state. At the same time, there is a tendency to expand the powers of notaries in the legal community, as well as to expand the limits of their liability.

Ekaterina Sechkareva

Junior Lawyer

Tax and Legal Practice

Korpus Prava (Russia)

International commercial arbitration is an arbitration court, appealing whereto is one of the alternative methods to resolve cross-border disputes. Currently, ICA is a widely applied instrument.

Irina Otrokhova

Chief Compliance Officer

Corporate Services

Korpus Prava (Cyprus)

On 26 June 2015, Directive EU 2015/849 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing (Directive EU 2015/849) entered into force.

Tatiana Frolova

Leading Lawyer

Korpus Prava Private Wealth

The third stage of capital amnesty starts in Russia. To be precise, this is not even the third stage, but the fourth, since the first amnesty, announced in 2015, was extended for six months from the initially declared period.